SEO-Team Lead

Every day around the world, thousands of people are looking for presentation templates for a startup pitch, tens of thousands – for a beautiful resume that will help them find their dream job, and hundreds of thousands – for different graphic elements to create the excellent design: fonts, icons, logos, stock photos, patterns, textures, mockups and more. We have all this. Now we need to find someone who will help our potential customers learn about our existence.

We are looking for someone who will help the MasterBundles project pages to take the top of the search results for all relevant queries, generate steady organic traffic, and turn a project of several thousand pages into a mega marketplace with millionth indicators.

Hello, this is the team of MasterBundles – a marketplace of graphic materials for creating great designs. We are a startup at the beginning of its journey and which has a mission: to make the Internet a little more beautiful.

And we also have a lot of ambitious tasks, challenges, and situations that require non-trivial solutions.

If you are an SEO specialist with experience in promoting large projects in competitive markets in English-speaking geo. If you classify, systematize, cluster, bigramize, and even trigramize in the evenings and a little bit on weekends. If PSI, CLS, TTFB, LSI is what you said first when you were born. If you constantly monitor a couple of dozens of competitors, a couple of hundred domains that are being released, and a couple of thousand requests that are being promoted right now.

If it’s not a problem for you:

– make a technical audit and identify points blocking growth;

– compose semantics and maps of articles for the high-frequency keyword PowerPoint templates;

– analyze competitors and issue technical tasks to copywriters and link builders;

– force programmers to redesign the layout of the product page;

– organize internal linking on the project no worse than on a wiki;

– control the construction of a new PBN so that footprints and all that;

– buy 10 drops and raise from the web archive… no, this is probably unnecessary.

Why MasterBundles?

– You will be surrounded by smart, caring and talented colleagues

– Outdoor parties with hookahs, music, and soulful company

– Flexible schedule, you can independently plan your working day and work from home

– You will have 18 working days of vacation, as well as + 5 additional days off and sick pay

– We always have something to eat in the kitchen and coffee point: from seasonal fruits and vegetables to pizza and hot dog days (it will be delicious)

– We understand the value of learning and have weekly reports from internal and external speakers on various topics

– There is an internal library, both online and offline

– We are very athletic guys! We always participate in Race Nation, Be more human, Run under the Chestnut trees, and others.

If you’ve been reading and nodding for the last couple of minutes, then stop reading! Write to us ASAP! We will offer not just to deploy a new marketplace and organize search traffic. We will allow you to stand at the origins of a new cool, and big project. We will offer to face difficulties every day and become the best version of yourself by overcoming them.

And we also know a person who knows a person who can arrange your “as if by chance” meeting with Dima Bondar in the corridor.

You can read more details about us here!


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