SEO for business: how to find a perfect SEO employee

Polina Kuchkovskaya
2 November 2019

How to decide what type of SEO help do you need, where to find it, and what difficulties you may encounter

Today’s digital landscape makes it hard to imagine a business that does not apply contextual advertising SEO website-promotion to attract customers. The first tool helps to attract potential customers from the very beginning of your marketing campaign. Unfortunately, the conversion of customers runs out together with the advertising campaign budget. Besides, according to the HubSpot statistics, 70-80% of users prefer organic content to its paid analog. This is the main reason why companies make their SEO promotion a priority over other ads. Compared to other marketing channels, search engine optimization is more beneficial as it bringsa higher rate of lead conversion. SmatBug proves that website visitors attracted by organic content bring the 14.6% conversion rate, whilst the conversion of paid advertising does not exceed 1.7%.

Unlike contextual advertising, SEO promotion is not as easy to launch and will probably take more time to bring the first results. But, if completed by professional SEO specialists, your campaign’s results may be truly rewarding. In the end, your efforts can be rewarded with your website top in the search engine ranking. With dedicated SEO specialists, a refreshed content marketing strategy will probably fuel the brand authority and generate more leads and sales. So, when it comes to finding and hiring your team of professionals, there are a few keys to consider.

Agencies vs. In-House Staff vs. Freelance employees

According to Serpstat, 48% of current SEO professionals work in online agencies, 38.1% can be selected from in-house teams, and 13% work as freelancers. The question to ask yourself before deciding which type of SEO cooperation is best for your business, you should have your project’s goals, scope, and budget clearly defined.

Benefits of working with agencies include the ability to access an extensive team of professionals who can work on several projects and different markets. It’s worth considering that they will not dedicate all their time and efforts to operate only your website. A single team may run from 6 to 10 projects at a time. So, you should not expect it to be fully immersed by your  company’s unique digital needs. Be ready to communicate with a team of SEO-specialists a lot and constantly audit their workflow to achieve your goals. Working with the agency is the best option for small projects. Also, SEO-agenciesmay become salvation for those who do not have any SEO expertise either lack the ability to objectively estimate work efficiency. Alternatively, you can choose to develop in-house specialists.The in-house SEO team usually indicates higher performance results. Usually each team member operates 2-3 one-directed projects.

In-house SEO specialists are more immersed in the process. Especially if your company approaches a motivation system.Hire specialists with relevant to your subject experience. If the SEO team seems to be an industry newcomer, it will take additional time to study the industry. Small businesses operating in the conditions of low market competition often cooperate with freelancers. Despite being a bit risky, this decision helps to avoid extra expenses. Accordingto statistics, 49% of independent SEO specialists manage 2-3 projects along with 30.7% of workers who run more than 10 of those at a time. You will never know for sure how much time isdevoted to work on your project. The work is very hard to control. Plus, there is always a risk of being unable to reach the contractor.


Hiring process specific

If you decide to hire an in-house SEO specialist, you should take this responsibly. At Boosta, we have identified 3 main problems you are likely to encounter while looking for SEO professionals and outlined them as follows.

Difficulty of experience checking. Experience and practical skills are a key value of SEO career. Many candidates may claim to have the perfect knowledge of theoretical marketing essentials while still lacking practical skills. Such preconditions are likely to end up your campaign without reaching its initial goals. It is important to make sure that the specialist is actually experienced. Ask your potential employee at the interview to share some details regarding previous projects – stories of success and fuck-ups, creative solutions either challenges during campaign implementation.

Difficulty of performance evaluation. The first practical results in SEO tends to arrive six months after the start of the promotion. Without knowing the field in its smallest details, it is hard to understand how well a specialist is performing. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor the work progress and carefully study the reports at all stages, starting from the basics ofinternal SEO optimization and up to a link building strategy and content preparation.The challenge of getting the right SEOspecialist. Mostly, companies are looking for a specialist with some relevant work experience. True, experience factors can positively affect individual performance results, but they narrow space where applicants can be found. Businessesare likely to job hunt SEOs working for their competitors. Keep in mind that doing so, you risk causing your confidential information flow.Several factors are indicating that you have found a specialist you can trust. Basically, these comprise working experience details such as completed projects with confirmed applicant’sparticipation. Also, SEOs should comprehend the news of the industry. At the interview, ask the candidate whether he/she follows any profession-related blogs, either Telegram or YouTube channels. It would be advantageous to keep up with the news from some worldwide known masters of the industry. The list includes Bruce Clay, Matt Diggity, Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwartz, Terry Kyle, and many more.At first glance, SEO’s work seems to require entirely analytic skillset. It is partly true, butthe real value of SEO specialists lies under the ability to think creatively and designinnovativesolutions to business problems. These are the defining capabilities allowing to achieve the top-notch market results.

Tips tochoose an ideal SEO specialist.

When starting a search, you need to clearly definethe level of specialist your campaign requires.It is worth considering that often Middle-specialists call themselvesSeniors, Juniors usually consider themselves the Middles, and link builders are likely to be Junior SEOs. To avoidmisunderstandings, we developed SEO grading scale that include a set of skills for different leveltogether with a detailed description of each. This approach helps to assess the real individual’s professional level. After opening a vacancy, an applicant fills out a search request. Some items are really common:

➡️ required professional skills;

➡️ personal qualities;

➡️ duties;

➡️ tasks to complete during probation;

➡️ technical and software requirements for this position;

➡️ description of working conditions.


The following points are rather uniquefor the market:

➡️ To-do list for 2 weeks – tasks that the specialist will need to solve within the first 2 weeks. This allows you to quickly assess the level of the candidate, to understand whether he will cope with his or her responsibilities, and also to determine what real tasksshould be delegated to a new employee.

➡️ Mentor – new employees need to be attentive and willing to learn. Otherwise, they will provide poor performance. Therefore, each newcomer has a mentor who spends up to 50% of his time on adaptation and training. The mentor introduces the person to the team,project, answers questions, and monitors the execution of tasks.

Carefully filling out a search application increases the chance that a recruiter will find a matching job seeker. We implemented a similar approach 3 months ago, and it has already increased the speed and quality of hires.

Clearly defined portrait of the candidate and consideration of our before-mentioned recommendations will assist you to hire your ideal employeeas soon as possible.

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