Senior SEO TL

Hello! Welcome to our friendly team!

We look for an experienced Senior SEO TL, who will join us!

If you find SEO not just a possess of website creation, user’s query optimization, headlines/titles writing aiming at burying programmers in work, but an entire ecosystem that includes content, links, internal optimization and a strong brand – then you’ll find kindred spirits in our company.

We are specialists who, just like you, think about the result and calculate the ROI, clearly prioritize website implementation, take bold decisions in website needs until shutdown for better times and quick launch of new projects aiming at continuous growth and improvement.

We are Traffic Team at Boosta, and our projects are highly visible in the US educational market, we work with several business models and easily implement complex projects at first glance. We are experts and have budgets to create projects quickly on our own to test our ideas here and now, without waiting until the hair turns grey.

If you are interested in our vacancy, see what our company is doing and what we offer!

What are you expected to do:
develop a monthly work plan with your team and pass its verification
– monthly submit results of the work of your team to stakeholders
– monitor the implementation of work plans made by the team, make operational adjustments
– prioritize SEO backlog tasks for the development team and interact with the satisfaction of our interests
– control team financial operations and budget utilization
– form and control the quarterly budgets of the team and projects
– to summarize the work of the team: to maintain and analyze key performance indicators of the team and the achievement of business goals by your projects.
– launch new projects, new directions, plan and implement a plan to move to the breakeven point
-also, you should provide websites with SEO support, parse, develop scoring models (just not to forget how to do it
– and of course, to increase the number of the members in your team, share experience and knowledge. Btw, we are sure that we will show you something that you did not know before.

It would be an advantage if you have:
– experience in working with traffic sites, experience in working with Western markets
– successful experience in managing the team and its training, creating and implementing a strategy for developing and promoting the site, managing the budget and processes for implementing the strategy, the ability to provide the team with sources of content and links for implementing the strategy, skills for SEO optimization process.

html & css knowledge higher than the baseline level
– wordpress – an ability to create and configure a site by yourself
– excel & google spreadsheets – proficient user in formulas
-‘screaming frog’ or other crawlers of the website – proficient user, crawler customization, adjust settings for parsing and the attainment of data from the website.
– regular expressions – average level (php и JS)
– ahrefs — like the back of your hand
– GA & GSC — excellent knowledge
– clustering the semantic core and adjusting text relevance
– formation of scoring models for assessing the potentials of pages and link donors
– data parsing skills (search results, sites, google apps)
– business thinking – the break-even point understanding, P&L

What do we offer:
– customized work with service departments (development and link building), but there is no limit to excellence, and it is your hard work will make us even better.|
– flexible work schedule: we do not have an army system, but we always know who we can count on and rely on at any time. You determine the work time by yourself and adhere to it, letting your colleagues know when they can count on you. Periodically, you will have the opportunity to work from home.
– every three months, we gather together and go kart-racing, play laser tag, eat cookies and talk about something different from SEO and sites.
– we have huge windows and a perfect view of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and Antonovich Street, hiding behind the horizon.

What else:

– outdoor parties with hookahs, music and your soulmates
– you will be able to “Speak From the Depth of Your Heart” at our Speaking Club
– you will have 18 working days of vacation, as well as 5 additional days-off and 5 sick-leaves per year
– we always have something to eat in the kitchen and coffee point: from seasonal fruits and vegetables to pizza-days and hot-dogs (it will be delicious!)
– we have our own library (online/offline)
– we understand the value of training; we have weekly reports of internal and external speakers on various topics; there is an internal library, both online and offline.
– we are very athletic guys! We always take part in Race Nation, Be more human, Run under chestnuts and everywhere they run 🙂

Our HRs have developed a cool 2-day adaptation system, which will help you get involved in our company’s culture, traditions and values. Therefore, by the end of the second day, you will be aware of everything about us 🙂

If you like our vacancy, then quickly send your resume – and join us!

Looking forward to hearing from you anytime! (050)514-57-74

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