Project manager

Hi) Nice to meet you!

Now we are looking for an experienced Project Manager who will join one of our teams. We would like our candidate to be responsible as well as task-oriented and have analytical mindset along with the ability to multitask.


Project Manager’s responsibilities in our company are:

– Admission, analysis and description of new tasks.

– Accounting: cooperation with reporters, admins and developers regarding the tasks and projects

– Assigning tasks to developers and keeping track of their progress

– Prioritizing the tasks

–  Organizing the work according to the estimation of tasks completion

–  Controlling the deadlines

–  Creating optimal conditions to advance each employee’s level of expertise (personal development maps, courses, mentoring, etc.)

– Aiding your TL in the search and employment of new workforce

– Working on people’s motivation (one-to-one meetings, aid in personal maps development)

– Maintaining positive emotional climate among team members


Hard-skills  required:

– Strong knowledge and deep understanding of the basics of Web development –

Human Resources Management Development Skills

– Knowledge and practice of working with tools and techniques of Project Management

– Skills for effective communication


Soft-skills required:

– Discipline

– Orderliness

– Punctuality

– Determination

– Leadership skills

– Flexibility

– Resilience


 The application process is as follows:

1st step: a phone call with a recruiter (less than 30 mins)

2nd step: a meeting with TL and HR/recruiter


Your first days at Boosta will be extraordinary, and this is why:

  1. Our HRs have created a great 2-days interactive adaptation system, which will involve you in the corporate culture as well as traditions and values. So by the end of the second day, you will know everything about Boosta.
  2. Probation period will last for three months. There will be a mentor who will help you to integrate into the working process and will introduce you to all the team members.


Why Boosta?

– You will be surrounded by intelligent, caring and talented colleagues

– There will be open-air parties with hookahs, music and friendly atmosphere

– You will be able to speak from the depth of your heart during our Speaking Clubs

– There are flexible hours that give our employees an opportunity to plan the day and work from home from time to time

– You will have 18 vacation days, 5 additional days-off and 5 sick leaves per year

– We always have something to eat in our kitchen and on a coffee-point (from fruit and vegetables to pizza and hot-dog days)

– We understand the value of education so each week different speakers give lectures on various issues

– We have online and offline library

– We are quite active and always participate in Race Nation, Be more human and other marathons 🙂


If you like this job post, send your resume asap and join our team!

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