Digital Marketing Conference Calendar 2020

Дима Бондарь
Dmitriy Bondar
23 October 2019

2020 is promised to be full of marketing and digital conferences. There are numerous SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Big Data, SMM events in the world. For you not to get lost in the variety, I made a list of the top conferences. So, let’s go!

Boosta recommends

Boosta highly recommends attending these events in 2020. We’ll definitely be there! 😉

Event Dates Location
Superweek: Five Days of Analytics Jan 27 – 31 Budapest, Hungary
UX Camp Brighton Mar Brighton, England
ADworld Experience Apr 23 – 24 Bologna, Italy
YoastCon: SEO & Online Marketing Apr 24 Nijmegen, Netherlands
UnGagged | Digital Marketing & SEO Apr London, England
AdsCamp May 4 – 5 Cologne, Germany
UXLx May 19 – 22 Lisbon, Portugal
UX London May 27 – 29 London, England
Affiliate Summit Europe Jun 2 – 4 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Traverse Trentino Jun Trentino, Italy

2020 Digital Marketing Conferences organized by topic focus

Have a desire to dive deeply into the innovations world in a certain direction? Long-distance flights are not an issue? Here is a list of industry-specific events all over the world – from San-Francisco to Toronto and from Toronto to Bangkok! Click the conference links to read detailed descriptions.

Advertising / PPC

Event Dates Location
Digiday Media Buying Summit Feb 4 – 6 Palm Springs, CA
Advertising Week LATAM Mar 3 – 5 Mexico City, Mexico
Borrell Miami Mar 9 – 10 Miami, FL
ad:tech Sydney Mar Sydney, Australia
Advertising Week Europe Mar 16 – 19 London, England
ad:tech New Delhi Mar 19 – 20 Gurgaon, India
American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference Mar 26 – 29 San Diego, CA
Hero Conf Apr 8 – 9 Austin, TX
ADworld Experience Apr 23 – 24 Bologna, Italy
AdsCamp May 4 – 5 Cologne, Germany
Advertising Week Asia May Tokyo, Japan
Advertising Week APAC Jul Sydney, Australia
Advertising Week NY Sep New York, NY
NY KnowGo Oct New York, NY

Affiliate marketing

Event Dates Location
Affiliate Summit West Jan 27 – 29 Las Vegas, NV
iGB Affiliate Feb 6 – 8 London, England
Affiliate Summit Europe Jun 2 – 4 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Affiliate Conference Jul 14 – 17 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Affiliate World Europe Jul Barcelona, Spain
Kyiv iGaming & Affiliate Conference Sep Kyiv, Ukraine
Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference Oct Tbilisi, Georgia
Affiliate World Asia Dec Bangkok, Thailand
Affiliate Marketing Conference Dec Minsk, Belarus

B2B marketing

Event Dates Location
World B2B Marketing Chief Congress Jan 8 – 10 Shanghai, China
B2B Marketing Exchange Feb 24 – 26 Scottsdale, AZ
B2B Online Apr 20 – 22 Chicago, IL
SiriusDecisions Summit May 3 – 6 Las Vegas, NV
B2B Marketing Expo Sep 16 – 17 Los Angeles, CA
MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum Oct San Francisco, CA
B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Nov Melbourne, Australia
NextBlock Conference Asia Dec Bangkok, Thailand


Event Dates Location
Bloggers UTD The Travel Gathering Feb 1 Ghent, Belgium
Dad 2.0 Summit Feb 27 – 29 San Antonio, TX
Mom 2.0 Summit May 6 – 8 Austin, TX
Type-A Bloggers Annual Conference Sep Alexandria, VA
Blogger Week Oct Washington, D.C.

Content marketing

Event Dates Location
Content TECH Summit Apr 20 – 22 San Diego, CA
Content Marketing Summit Asia Apr Sydney, Australia
Content Marketing Conference Apr 21 – 23 Boston, MA
Confab: The Content Strategy Conference May 17 – 20 Minneapolis, MN
Content Marketing Summit Asia May Delhi, India
Digital Book World Sep Nashville, TN
Content Marketing Summit Asia Aug 19 Singapore
LavaCon Content Strategy Oct Portland, OR
Content Jam Oct Chicago, IL
Content Marketing Summit Asia Jan Tokyo, Japan

UX / conversion

Event Dates Location
Interaction 20 Feb 2 – 7 Milan, Italy
UXIstanbul Conference Feb 18 Istanbul, Turkey
User Experience Hong Kong Feb Hong Kong
UXThailand Conference Feb Bangkok, Thailand
UX Copenhagen Mar 30 – 31 Copenhagen, Denmark
UX Camp Brighton Mar Brighton, England
ConversionXL Live Apr 5 – 7 Austin, TX
Smashing Conference Apr 21 – 22 San Francisco, CA
CHIuXiD Apr Java & Bali, Indonesia
UX Salon May 17 – 18 Tel Aviv, Israel
Loyalty Expo May 18 – 20 Charlotte, NC
User Experience Lisbon May 19 – 22 Lisbon, Portugal
UX London May 27 – 29 London, England
UXConf BR May Porto Alegre, Brazil
UX Scotland Jun 10 – 12 Edinburgh, Scotland
CXO Leaders Summit Australia Aug 12 – 13 Sydney, Australia
Smashing Conference Sep 7 – 8 Freiburg, Germany
Connect to Convert Sep 16 – 18 Boston, MA
Smashing Conference Oct 20 – 21 New York, NY


Event Dates Location
Bruce Clay SEO Training Jan 13 – 17 Simi Valley, CA
SMX West Feb 19 – 20 San Jose, CA
IX2 SEO Campixx Mar 12 – 13 Berlin, Germany
SEO & Love Mar 14 Verona, Italy
SMX Munich Mar 18 – 19 Munich, Germany
SearchLove West Mar 26 – 27 San Diego, CA
BrightonSEO Apr 16 – 17 Brighton, England
Advanced Search Summit Apr 22 – 24 Napa Valley, CA
YoastCon Apr 24 Nijmegen, Netherlands
International Search Summit Apr Munich, Germany
SMX London May 19 – 20 London, England
International Search Summit May London, England
SMX Advanced Jun 8 – 10 Seattle, WA
SearchLeeds Jun Leeds, England
SearchLove East Jun Boston, MA
Search Birmingham Aug Birmingham, England
Advanced Search Summit D.C. Sep Washington, DC
International Search Summit Boston Sep Boston, MA
SearchLove Conference Oct London, England
3XE Search Marketing Conference Oct Dublin, Ireland
The Transformation of Search Summit Oct New York, NY
Yext Onward19 Oct New York, NY
State of Search Conference Nov Dallas, TX
SMX East Nov New York, NY
International Search Summit Barcelona Nov Barcelona, Spain
SMX Paris Nov Paris, France

Data / analytics

Event Dates Location
Superweek: Five Days of Analytics Jan 27 – 31 Budapest, Hungary
Marketing Analytics and Data Science Mar 31 – Apr 2 San Francisco, CA
Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit Apr San Diego, CA
DATAx San Francisco May 7 – 8 San Francisco, CA
I-COM Global Summit May 11 – 14 Malaga, Spain
QCon Beijing May Beijing, China
MAC Marketing Analytics Conference May Atlanta, GA
MeasureCamp Italy May Rome, Italy
Marketing Evolution Experience Jun 1 – 4 Las Vegas, NV
DATAx Singapore Sep 15 – 16 Singapore
DATAx New York Nov New York, NY

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