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Linkbuilding Course
The beginning of a career in the field of SEO in the world market
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Theory is honed in practice - working with SEO tools and real cases


This is part of the external SEO and 30-50% of the site's success. The essence of link building in the construction of external links for obtaining trust from search engines.

Who will be interested?

  • Those who are interested in SEO, but did not dare to start
  • To students of higher educational institutions
  • Mandatory condition - English level is not lower than Intermediate

What do we offer?

  • Learn the basics of SEO with practitioners
  • Try to touch links
  • Understand the processes of work in IT companies
  • Free education

Course program

  • 01What are linkbuilding and SEO?
  • 02How to get external links
  • 03Components of the website promotion process
  • 04Features and aspects external SEO
  • 05Specificity of the work processes in IT companies

Course Tutors and Instructors

You will be trained by some of the best practicing SEO specialists of company BOOSTA!
Alena Universal SEO specialist, TL
Zarina Zheliaskova Project manager, TL
Nataliya Fialkovska Project manager SEO
Sergey Tsyganyuk SEO specialist, TL
Anton Reva SEO specialist, TL
Anton Zolotoboev SEO specialist, TL
How is the training conducted?
8 lessons 2 times a week - from 18:30 to 20:30
12 members in the group to be able to pay attention to everyone
Coming soon Start of the next course
As a result Exam and delivery of certificates

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