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About Us

There comes the point in your life when you realize that a long-drawn movement in one direction no longer brings you the desired results and pleasure. Furthermore, you feel you are ready to go beyond and try your hand at creating something innovative and profitable.

That very moment became the starting point for the foundation of Boosta company in May 2014. We are concerned not only about our products development but also engaged in distribution and promotion our services to the Western markets.

Our Values

You make decisions and take responsibility for their implementation.
You solve the cause of the problem, not the consequences.
You already know what you have to do and how to do it without hesitation.
Your actions and decisions are backed up by reliable data and proven facts.
You do not wait for instructions from the top on what to do.
Your actions do not provoke excessive bureaucracy
You never stop learning but gain knowledge in related fields.
You strive to get into the business promptly, attract clients, and understand the process management deeply.
You share information and knowledge proactively.
Focus on the results, not the process.
You are happy with new and critical tasks.
Colleagues can rely on you.
You support your co-workers.
"This is not my task" is not your motto.
You put forward ideas that are worth implementing.
You offer brand-new approaches and reliable solutions.
You are guided by the principles of "making it easier, getting more profit."
You go through processes only if they make you better.
You are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.
You take care of your colleagues
Do not keep silent If you need something - go and ask for help.
You always check whether the interviewee understood your words.
Compose letters/reports that can be used further without your help.
Appreciate and respect the interlocutor"s point of view.
You say what you need to say to all participants in the conversation.


Our Products


Senior SEO

Currently we are looking for a SEO guru who knows how to launch and lead a brand-new project at a highly-competitive market in the USA and Europe. Your main goal will be to launch and lead a big project in a high-competition niche, doing the best of SEO and marketing, conducting and implementing deep research on the niche and competitors, and as a result, outperforming and slamming all the competition. Not only you will become the decision-maker, but also fully responsible for the project performance. Building long-term and white-hat strategy will be your main goal. Being a lone wolf is OK, but be ready to hire and lead a team of professionals to get your projects up to the sky.

Product Marketing Manager

Сейчас дна из наших команд ищет амбициозного, креативного и готового к аджайлу маркетолога который поможет достичь этой цели. Если ты готов свернуть горы для достижения результата приглашаем прийти к нам на собеседование и стать частью нашей команды.

WordPress Developer (PHP)

We’re looking for a responsible and attentive to detail Back End PHP Developer who will be able to develop complex solutions for WordPress websites.

Senior SEO TL

If you find SEO not just a possess of website creation, user’s query optimization, headlines/titles writing aiming at burying programmers in work, but an entire ecosystem that includes content, links, internal optimization and a strong brand – then you’ll find kindred spirits in our company.

Customer Support Representative

Hello there. We are «Boosta» - a young Ukrainian team currently looking for Customer Support Representative to join us in our Lviv Office.

Advanced EnglishCustomer SupportLviv
Web Analyst

Now we are looking for an orderly and systematic Web Analyst with a healthy level of perfectionism; able to think globally and intelligibly convey this thought to others; with great motivation to grow and improve on an international project within a close-knit and responsive team of professionals.

Analysis skillsCSSGAHTMLSQLweb analytic
Sales Manager

On the position of Sales Manager, you will need to communicate with clients from the US and European countries via chat and phone in order to assist in buying the best suitable product package for each particular customer.


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