Jira on Steroids: Automizing Recruiting, Brand Exposure Measurement, Financial Processes, and Domain Recognition
Hi, my name is Aleksey Okhmush, and I’ve been configuring and administrating Atlassian systems for three years already. A detached position of Jira administrator is…
Oleksiy Ohmush
July 7
How to Evaluate the Skills and the Professional Level of Your SEO Specialist
SEO is a kind of a vague field where there’s no say as to how exactly you obtain the desired results. More so, even the…
Ivan Paliy
July 7
“I have been thinking – I want more.” What you should avoid doing during an interview to be accepted for a job.
Imagine an ongoing interview. It seems that everything is perfect – you are on the same page as the interviewers, being confident and joking along.…
Svetlana Shvab
July 6
How To Become SEO Junior: Not Brief, But Still To the Point
In many IT-companies, the position of Junior intersects with the Trainee; however, these two should be differentiated. Junior is an autonomous employee who has enough…
Anastasia Fialkovskaya
July 3
Meet SEO Trainee: How to become one and what to do
Anyone can become an SEO Trainee, including people without relevant experience. But also to start a career in this niche, you need to have a…
Anastasia Fialkovskaya
June 24
What is SEO grading and why you should have incorporated it yesterday?
How do you evaluate the level of an SEO specialist at hiring objectively? How do you understand that an employee has stepped at a new…
Polina Kuchkovskaya
June 18
Mentorship in companies: why and how to incorporate
The development of a strong HR brand and the engagement of the best specialists in your team is a complicated and complex process. One of…
Polina Kuchkovskaya
June 17
SEO Guide for SaaS Products
For three years, our team has bumped search traffic for our three SaaS products up to 520,000 unique visitors per month. 90% of visitors have…
Ivan Paliy
June 15
Who are job-jumpers and what should you do if you were named one?
There are people who hold on to their job for years just to avoid changes, even though they don’t like it. Despite this, there are…
Yana Shvets
June 10
How to analyze website content quality
A survey in the previous article showed that readers are interested in the topic of assessing content quality. In this material, I will examine the…
Ivan Paliy
June 2
Employees’ problems during quarantine: How HR can assist in solving them
At a time of global transformations, we face challenges that require the most significant acceleration of efforts and the search for unusual approaches and tools…
Polina Kuchkovskaya
May 27
Convenient sample for Google Search Console data visualization, the second version
Why is the second version better? Link to the report’s second version. There are two pages in the report: • General report; • Rankings report.…
Ivan Paliy
May 15
In Search of Balance, or Key Mistakes in Working with Pricing
We continue a series of articles about the nuances of experimenting with tariff pages. In the last article, you learned why pricing is so essential. This…
Ivan Paliy
April 2
Experimental startup platform, or why pricing matters a lot
“For the third year now, people at Boosta have been developing 3 SaaS products for marketers, SEO specialists, and business owners worldwide. If talking briefly…
Ivan Paliy
March 23
Why we’ve hired a 60+ year-old employee in the SEO-department and how it has changed the company. Boosta’s experience
One of the SEO directions is link building that is the promotion of a website with the help of links. As a rule, such vacancies…
February 11
SEO 2020
Initially, this post supposed somebody from our Boosta SEO-team to answer two brief questions seen in the Megaindex blog. But the guys were captured by some…
Dmitriy Bondar
December 25
Ivan Paliy: about Boosta, marketing and SEO strategy for
Ivan Paliy, a marketer at Boosta, answered several important questions about SEO and marketing for   1. How many years of expertise in SEO…
Ivan Paliy
November 5
SEO for business: how to find a perfect SEO employee
How to decide what type of SEO help do you need, where to find it, and what difficulties you may encounter Today’s digital landscape makes…
Polina Kuchkovskaya
November 2
How to open an office in a new city?
Things to never forget if setting up a satellite office in another city When it comes to launching a new representative office and getting your…
Pavel Buianov
October 31
Link building for newbies: who is a link builder and other basics you need to know
Link builder is one of those never-heard-of technical SEO roles. Getting this position, though, could become a great start of a career in IT-company. Except…
Polina Kuchkovskaya
October 29
Digital Marketing Conference Calendar 2020
2020 is promised to be full of marketing and digital conferences. There are numerous SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Big Data, SMM events in the world.…
Dmytro Kostiuk
October 23
Networking, influencers, growth hacking: 8 global marketing trends
Marketers create new ways to attract an audience almost every day. To save your time and resources, at the same time, maintaining the effectiveness of…
Petro Nikolaiev
October 8
How Should Runet SEO Specialists Work to Reach the Western Market
Participation in NaZapad conferences has already became a tradition. That’s why its fourth release wasn’t left without Dmitriy’s report. He talked about how runet SEOs…
Dmitriy Bondar
September 29
How To Promote a White Website in Essay Niche
The strategies Yaroslav shares are applicable not only to Essay niche, but also for many others. An excellent report with the good examples of how this can…
Yaroslav Baklan
September 29
An Idea Worth A Million: Quickly, Without Competition And Investments
While on the last NaZapad 2 conference, Dmitriy told about how to find and enter into a new niche, this time he went into details…
Dmitriy Bondar
August 13
How To Enter A New Niche – The Features (particularities), Details, Examples
On May 28th the second practical online conference NaZapad 2 on promoting into the Western markets was held. Our CEO Dmytriy Bondar also took part…
Dmitriy Bondar
August 13