We are currently looking for an individual who shows a passion for the work that inspires others, has outstanding organizational skills, attention to detail and follow-up.

Our ideal candidate is a native speaker. He is flexible and eager to identify, learn and use new and emerging technologies.

On the position of Copywriter/Editor you will need to:
work closely with Marketing team to craft catchy and share-worthy website and social media content.
-actively participate in team brainstorms for creative concepting of content and advertising campaigns.
-write and proofread guest blog posts and magazine articles on behalf of team members
-write samples that make us laugh, cry, applaud, or otherwise feel jealous that we didn’t write them

We also expect that you’ve got excellent writing skills, bachelor’s degree or higher and equivalent experience.

Editorial experience is a plus.

What you get from us:
flexible schedule – you can decide on working days and shifts as you see fit
-comfortable working environment
-fruits and sweets
-free mentoring
-corporate parties, team building events and seminars

What makes us special:
we don’t limit your earnings
-we like being competitive and enjoy the thrill of it
-we want you to develop professionally, and we will assist you every step of the way
-you get the opportunity to advance in your career to the position of team leader, manager or specialist in an associated field

Few additional words about us:

We are a friendly and young collective (our average employee is 25 years old). We know how to work efficiently, we do it professionally by improving ourselves and everyone around us.

We enjoy physical recreation, lateral thinking and we have limitless desire to accumulate knowledge and evolve. We teach, lead in the right direction and prevent stagnation. We reward your achievements. We cherish genuine, self-sufficient people, who are ready to move past their limits and are capable of taking care of their new responsibilities.

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